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You’ve heard it before:  “Potty training boys is more difficult than potty training girls.”  Since I have two boys of my own,  I can’t really make that comparison from experience.  But the general consensus is that the statement is true.

happy-baby-boy-smiling1Some people will site fancy studies and others will talk about experiences with their own kids. But from what I can determine,  the following are the three biggest reasons why it is tougher to toilet train boys than girls:

  1. Girls develop faster physically
  2. They are able to communicate with you earlier compared to boys
  3. Since mom usually takes on the responsibility of potty training, boys have a tougher time relating to the process  than girls do (they see dad standing up and want to do it that way)
  4. Because  boys have to learn an extra ‘technique’, it naturally takes them longer to become full potty trained

Now stop me if I’m wrong, but aren’t there solutions to each one of these problems?

You’re probably saying “Well, you can’t change the fact that boys develop slower than girls.”  Ok I agree with you. But to me, this argument doesn’t make sense in the first place. The fact that one child is completely potty trained at age 1 while it takes another child until age 3,  has no relevance on how difficult the actual process is.

As you will learn on this website, there are a number of concrete signs that will help you determine when your child is ready. If you start too early, whether it be with a boy or girl, potty training will take longer and be more difficult.

To solve the second issue, try to get dad more involved in the teaching process. Kids are quick learners and it only takes a few demonstrations from dad before your son will start to get the idea. It’s not like using the bathroom is rocket science– or even earth science, for that matter.

Now solving the last problem is easy. You might not know this, but there’s no universal law that says, “Boys shall not sit down to go #1″…especially if they’re under the age of 5. Worry about getting them using the toilet, instead of their diaper, first. Then focus on them standing up to go. The good news is that the longer you wait, the better their coordination will be, and the cleaner your toilet/floor/wall will stay.