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giftsSome parents have admitted being guilty to bribing their children in order to get them to use the potty on a consistent basis. Personally, my husband and I find nothing wrong with doing so as long as you don’t turn it into a habit to get him to do everything else with a bribe. This worked surprisingly effective in our case.

For every potty session that they successfully complete on their own (including washing up after themselves), we awarded them with a sticker for them to paste onto a sticker chart. After collecting a certain number of stickers each, we bring them out for a treat, whether it be to watch a movie in the cinema or a trip to the zoo. To ensure that they keep up their streak of potty success, we promised to buy our daughters a “special gift” each if they could keep up the right potty behavior for an entire week without fail. These gifts could be dolls or puzzles, it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s reasonable (in terms of the price!).

We made sure that we kept our word and so if they fail to keep up with their daily potty use, we will hold back on the stickers regardless of how hard they begged us for them. Soon, discipline kicked in and we didn’t even have to remind them to use the potty every morning. Once it became a habit, things went on real smoothly.

You should also be prepared for accidents to happen from time to time, but this should occur far less often as time goes by. Public accidents were never an issue for us, thankfully. If it happens to you, please refrain from berating your little girl because they might be traumatized and that can interfere with the potty training process.

We’ve found that a ton of encouraging words (exaggeration is fine, kids won’t be able to tell) and a little bribery worked fantastically for us, so you might want to try those too!