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presentsLooking for a way to keep your child motivated during potty training? If so, then positive reinforcement is the best way to go! When children are rewarded for a job well done, this boosts their confidence while fueling up their desire to do even better for another dose of positive feedback. After all, that’s human nature – people are encouraged to do something that makes them feel good. So, it’s a no-brainer that rewarding kids during the training process can lead to success.

Blaming Yourself (Or Your Child) Won’t Help

It is only natural for some parents to immediately lose their temper when accidents happen days after toilet-training their kids. Basically, what happens there is a mixture of frustration and disappointment since they assume that their toddlers have already gotten used to the potty. Thus, when bed-wetting resumes, there are parents who begin to question their competence in training their kids. In addition, they end up taking out on their kids the frustration they experience because of such accident. But then, is it really anyone’s fault?

Getting mad at your child for this tiny slip may satisfy your desire to blame someone for the mess. However, you have to think that your sharp words can pierce right through your toddler’s heart and bring down his or her self-esteem. When this happens, you may find your child wanting to go back to wearing diapers and postponing the training session with you. For parents, this is like going back to day one, and it can get even more frustrating and stressful for them.

A Win-Win Situation

On the other hand, positive feedback and rewards can give your child that boost of confidence needed to succeed in potty training (or in any type of training or learning situation, for that matter). How many times have you seen young kids beaming with pride and proudly showing their parents that “Well Done!” stamp mark that their kindergarten teacher gave them for doing well in class? This may be a simple sign of appreciation, but for these youngsters, that is all they need to feel loved and important.

That tender memory will forever remain in their mind, so this causes them to go back to that thing they did that helped them get a reward. And now, you probably realize positive reinforcement’s implications to toilet training kids. When children are driven to do well because of a reward, they WILL do just as you want them to do. Bottom line: Happy Kids = Even Happier Parents.

With this in mind, allowing anger to sink in or blaming your child for any accident will not do both of you any good. However, if you catch your little one doing good and give rewards right away, this motivates him or her to do even better for more incentives in the future.

Brilliant Ideas on How to Reward Your Kids During Toilet-Training

Now, you’re probably wondering – what can be the best reward to give your child for doing an amazing job during training? Fortunately, younger children are fairly easy to please, which means you don’t need to spend a lot of money just to encourage them to keep doing well. The following are some great ideas on how you can make your child feel appreciated without going over the top.

1. Go shopping for your toddler’s underwear – and let him or her choose the design.

For kids, the idea of wearing underwear makes them feel more grownup because they are slowly becoming like mommy and daddy, unlike the time when they still wear diapers. So, what better way to reward your child than by going on an exciting underwear shopping adventure. Let your little one pick the color, style or design, but be sure to inspect the size and quality of materials used in the product.

2. Allow your child to decorate his or her potty with a rewards sticker.

Whether you buy a sticker that features the usual sparkly design, or a sticker presenting your child’s favorite cartoon character, you can be sure that your kid will love the idea of getting one each day until the potty is covered with bright and adorable stickers. You may even customize the stickers and have these resemble one of those boy scout badges. Add a short note in each sticker, so your child will feel even more motivated because of your uplifting words.

potty training chart3. Make a potty training chart and draw a smiley face on it each time your child gets to use the potty successfully.

A chart offers a visible reminder of your child’s performance and readiness to sleep at night without wetting or soiling the bed. Combined with your enthusiastic remarks, a chart can fuel up your child’s dedication and motivation to do amazingly well each training day.

4. Other simple, but highly effective rewards.

You can also opt for other great ways to reward your child such as visiting the dollar store and letting him or her pick out an item as an incentive. To share the good news to others (a surefire way to enhance your child’s confidence), you may even allow your toddler to call grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, or other family members – and just let your child go on and on over the phone to broadcast such praise-worthy achievement.

Important Considerations

When thinking of a great incentive for your child, make sure you consider his or her interests and personality. This way, your little one will appreciate the reward, which makes the item even more meaningful. You should also avoid waiting too long before you give your child a prize for doing a great job. If you have to wait for days before the reward is given, your toddler may no longer be interested in it.

Training your toddler to use the potty properly may be one of the toughest things you will have to go through, but there are always brilliant ways to lighten up the process and make it more fun for your little one. Consider this guide on giving rewards to kids and some tips on providing positive reinforcement to enhance every child’s potential for success.