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pull upsHaving a pooping accident in the public can be a worrying situation for the parents who have not properly potty trained their child. Although it’s understandable for parents to worry about this, some of the best advice that can be given when it comes to potty training is NOT to use pull-ups on your son or on your daughter. Pull-ups are essentially another form of diapers and when your kids have them on, they will use it (i.e. poop or even pee into it) whenever they feel like going.

This is never a good thing especially if you’re attempting to potty train your daughter since that might cause a certain amount of confusion for her when you’re putting her constantly on the potty while at home but putting her in a pull-up when you’re out.

What you have to do is to instil the discipline and principle that whenever your child wants to poop or pee, she has to find the right place to do it and not just do it wherever and whenever she wants to. The key here is consistency and while the first few times of your public outing might be disastrous without your child having a diaper on, soon she’ll learn that she has to hold it in sometimes until you find a suitable place for her to go. Of course, you’ll also have to explain this to her slowly and make sure that she understands perfectly what you’re trying to pass on to her.

Just make sure you have a change of clothes with you the first couple of months that you’re doing this though. Soon, you’ll be glad that you’ve ditched the diapers and pull-ups completely for a much more proper and long-term potty training skill.

p.s. You might find it handy to bring along your daughter’s potty with you when you’re out with her so that she can use it instead of having to use public toilets, which can be disgusting or revolting at times!