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potty-timeOk. So you’re ready. And he’s ready. The potty chair is locked and loaded. Now what?

First you will want to designate a time to start potty training. If you can pick a long weekend or a set aside a day or two without any obligations, it will be easier to get going.

The first few days are going to be the toughest. You’ll  be trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t and in the process, tempers will flare, frustrations will mount and messes will be made. A relaxing environment, where you can focus on the task at hand will make things easier.

One of the easiest methods to start with, is to take him to the bathroom every 1-2 hours and let him sit on his potty chair. As we have already discussed, don’t worry about your son learning to stand up to go at this point. Let him sit for #1 and #2.

While he’s sitting on the potty chair, ask him a few times if he needs to go. You both might sit there for a while (even a few separate times) and nothing will happen. But eventually, nature will take its course and when that occurs, he will start to associate the feeling of needing to go, with the potty.

Whether he has to go or not, it is vital that you give him positive reinforcement through the whole process. When he does actually go in the potty (even if it is just a tiny bit), act like your favorite baseball team just won the World Series. Cheer, clap…be enthusiastic! This will get him excited and will really help him want to use the potty.

As I mentioned, the first couple of days of potty training will probably include flaring tempers and numerous setbacks so you should also prep yourself up for some much-needed patience and tolerance.